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Watching swimming lessons

You watch the kids, the kids watch you!

Watching your child’s swimming lessons and indeed, children seeing yourself or other adults being taught, has many crossover benefits. Seeing an adult being taught creates a feeling that this (Evans Swim School) is a place where everyone is learning .

The sooner children are taught that everyone is on their own journey in swimming and fitness, and to see adults actively taking part, going for a family swim, enjoying the activity of swimming. The sooner they get the idea of it being a lifelong way of having fun and keeping fit and well.

Each day, whether we are an adult or child, we are faced with stress. For an adult, it can be stress about finances, our job, or our health. For a child, stress can be about an upcoming test, a problem with another child, or an impending move. Whatever the cause, stress affects both adults and children, and can cause health complications regardless of age.

Spending time in the water is therapeutic for adults and children. For a parent, swimming or sitting by the pool will induce a relaxation state which will reduce stress levels. For your child, splashing and swimming releases hormones that reduce stress levels and will also improve their overall health and immunity.


While spending time in the pool, children will always be looking for new challenges to overcome such as learning to swim, going underwater, or jumping off the side of the pool. With each accomplishment, their confidence is boosted, and their self-esteem grows. With each challenge, parents share in the accomplishment and beam with pride of what their child has overcome. This boosts confidence in our parenting skills and raises our self-esteem as well.


Taking a trip to the pool will help break any isolation and will be a social affair for the entire family. Socializing has its benefits, too. Kids will interact with other kids developing their social skills while building new friendships. Parents can chat with other parents while their children play also improving social skills and possibly building new friendships. Being social wards off depression, improves self-esteem, and reduces loneliness.


Swimming is one of the best exercises you can do, and it’s one of the most fun ways to get kids to exercise. The buoyancy of the water relieves strain and pressure from the joints making it easier for the body to move. Swimming moves all parts of the body and improves circulation throughout the body. It also gets the heart pumping which improves cardiovascular and respiratory functioning.

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