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I would like to send a big thank you to Lesley who was teaching ---- . ---- feels more confident in water and she really enjoyed the lessons with Lesley.


The lesson was amazing for ---! He is very active and I know he will make a great swimmer but he had developed a bit of a fear of putting his head under the water to the point where he was uncomfortable even getting in a pool. The instructor’s approach meant that he was able to face his fears and the beam on his face after plucking up the courage to go under was lovely to see. Our main aim was to build his confidence in the water over time, but to see this level of progress after just one lesson is really great. He is now very excited about his next lesson 😃

Just wanted to say thank you. ----- has really enjoyed her week of swimming and we have seen a massive improvement over the week. Please pass our thanks on to Verity, ----- enjoyed being in her class and said she gave her lots of encouragement. She came out of the pool with a huge smile feeling proud of her achievements.


Watching last week, I was amazed at how much my son has improved his technique and how well he listens to Barry’s instructions. The quality of Barry’s coaching really shines through and his encouragement and patience are really helping my son with his confidence and all round swim abilities.

These Swimming lessons are the best I’ve seen - and we’ve tried lots! My kids have made so much progress with such kind, caring and enthusiastic teachers. They are obviously very well trained and dedicated teachers who have really had a great impact on my kids swimming. The small class size, teachers in and out of pool and gorgeous swimming pool have definitely taken the stress out of the dreaded weekly swim lessons!


My daughter has been swimming with Evans Swim School for the last 4 years. She has made huge progrees from a novice to intermediate level club swimmer and her confidence in own abilities has gone up. Joanne and team have been ever helpful and pleasure to deal with. Sincere thanks.

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