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(Revised March 2024)

  1. All parents of children with lessons MUST report to the supervisor’s desk before the lesson to register their child’s / children’s attendance. This is to ensure that your child/children go into the right classes, and should we have to evacuate the pool area we need to know who is on the poolside. Under Health and Safety, we must produce a register. We will not be held responsible if you have not registered as set out above. 

  2. Due to health & safety/insurance regulations under no circumstances must anyone get into the pool unless they are having a lesson, and a teacher must be present. Children on the poolside and in the venue must be always controlled and supervised. 

  3. Please only let your child on poolside when a teacher is present at the appropriate time, they will be directed to the appropriate teaching station and teacher by the receptionist. 

  4. Children are to be always supervised by parents /guardians in the appropriate gender changing rooms. For children under the age of 8 years the gender of the supervising parent/guardian is the correct changing room to use. 

  5. Please be advised parents/guardians are not allowed to leave children unattended in the venue, in the interest of child safety you must not leave your child in a lesson and then leave the venue. Dropping children off in the car park and then picking them up in the car park is also not permitted, please bring them to the reception area to book in, and to be able to receive any information or messages from the receptionist you must attend with your child and then remain in the venue. Your primary and emergency contact numbers must be kept updated with Evans swim school. Please ensure you inform us of any changes promptly. 

  6. Medical information must be kept updated with Evans Swim School, if your child has an asthma plan from the G.P./NURSE you are required to provide Evans swim school with a copy of this, so we can relay this to our teaching staff. 

  7. PLEASE NOTE -Poolside showers are for “rinsing off only” whilst wearing a swim costume, please do not strip your children naked as these areas are in full view of adults on poolside, and this is a child safeguarding issue. Communal showers are not to be used for shampooing hair and bathing; they are meant for rinsing off chlorinated water with water from the showers. 

  8. It is advised that all swimmers shower before entering the water, this is for hygiene purposes and to protect your skin from absorbing chlorinated water in the pool. 

  9. Adults, Parents /guardians who are not swimming in the pool with a scheduled lesson are NOT permitted to use the showers or changing facilities. 

  10. It is required that all swimmers wear a swim cap whilst in the water. Evans swim school caps are available and should be worn as the school uniform., Silicone and cloth caps are available. 

  11. No glasses or jewellery/watches are permitted to be worn for safety reasons. 

  12. String bracelets, or other jewellery that must be worn for strict religious reasons are permitted, please inform us in advance so that the staff are aware. 

  13. Swim team may wear a Fitbit /apple watch or other lap tracking device by prior arrangement with the Head Coach only.

  14. Tight fitting swim costumes are advised to be worn, no baggy shorts please! 

  15. For religious and cultural reasons, you may wear a top or any other suitable covering that is required. Please inform us of this requirement before you start your lessons, so that the teachers/coaches are made aware. 

  16. All members of swim team are required to wear correct swim costumes. One piece costume for girls (no bikinis) and jammers or trunks for boys. Our team colours are black for all swimming costumes. 

  17. Swimmers from Development Lane to Pre-Club and into swim team squads are expected to have their own equipment. Please see the website for the list of required equipment or ask us for advice. 

  18. Swimmers especially in the swim team squads are expected to be on time on poolside for their lessons/sessions. Ideally be ready 5 minutes before your lesson/session starts. 

  19. No outdoor shoes are to be worn on the poolside or pushchairs to be taken onto the poolside. If you do not want to take your shoes off, please use the shoe covers provided by the door. 

  20. No eating or drinking on the poolside is allowed. 

  21. Lessons are term time only. During half terms, we will be closed for weekday lessons, and we close the last weekend of half term only for the weekend lessons (i.e., 1 weekend only). We do hold intensive courses, lifesaving courses, stroke clinics, diving etc during some of the school holidays. Leaflets are available on the desk and from the office before any courses being held and will also be emailed out to you. 

  22. Please do not let your child swim if they are ill/unwell. This is for their wellbeing and to prevent spread of any illness to the other children or staff. The general advice is if the swimmer has symptoms above the neck. it may be okay to swim, but if after 5 minutes they feel worse they must stop. If symptoms are below the neck. then it is advised not to exercise or swim until recovered. 

  23. Please be aware we reserve the right to refuse admission to the pool if the swimmer is considered not well enough to participate (e.g. coughing excessively etc.) and can be asked to leave the pool at any time during the lesson if symptoms start whilst the lesson has commenced. 

  24. Please do not bring children (who are going to be spectators) if they are unwell with respiratory or stomach or other infectious illness, to prevent spread of illness to other people at the venue. We reserve the right to ask you to leave the venue. 

  25. Please be aware we reserve the right to ask a swimmer to leave the water/poolside if there are behaviour or discipline issues that the teachers consider are unsuitable for them to be able to safely carry on, and if a serious breach of behaviour occurs this may result in expulsion from Evans swim school. 

  26. We reserve the right to cancel your lessons and may remove you from the swim school in the event of a breach of the terms and conditions of Evans swim school. 

  27. Please note that all payments for lessons paid in advance are non-refundable. If for some reason (i.e., pool closure) we are unable to provide you with your normal swimming lessons you will be offered alternative lessons at one of our other venues. If you do not accept these alternative lessons, you will then be offered makeup lessons at a mutually convenient time for both parties. Any refunds are at the discretion of the management. Pool closures will be dealt with as follows: - 

  28. One closure additional lesson offered. 

  29. Two closures additional lessons offered. 

  30. Three and more closures - for the following term credits are offered. 

  31. Refunds will not be given for any outstanding replacement sessions, and pupils will not be permitted to attend replacement sessions when not enrolled and actively attending lessons with Evans Swim school. 

  32. If paying for half a term the first payment will be due on the dates as set out in your booking form and you will also be asked for a post-dated cheque for the second half term payment as set out on the booking form. Monthly payments. must be paid on the 1st of each month as set out in the booking forms. 

  33. If payment has not been made within two weeks, we reserve the right to refuse entry into lessons until all fees are paid in full. 


  35. We will test for awards and certificates with your children as we find this gives them a sense of achievement and a goal to aim for together with added confidence. They will be tested for these awards regularly normally after half term breaks for a period of 2 weeks at a time. These occur 3 times per year alternating skill tests (along with diving awards if appropriate) and distance tests. 

  36. We cannot be held responsible for lost property so please ensure that your child collects all his/her belongings from the changing rooms before leaving. We also cannot be held responsible for pupils after the lesson is over. 

  37. We do try to keep the same teacher each week unless the teacher is ill or away on holiday. We cannot telephone everyone to explain this but will put in a replacement teacher were necessary to keep the lessons as continuous as possible. All our staff are qualified teachers. All trained to the Swim England or equivalent standard of qualifications and are enhanced DBS checked and lifesaving/first aid trained. All staff are also regularly trained in child safeguarding and protection and follow the current Swim England “Wavepower” child safeguarding policies. 

  38. If at any time you have any problems, queries etc. please speak to our supervisor on the desk, and they will pass the message on to the office and they will get back to you. 

  39. Please note that children may be moved to other appropriate classes and different teachers, if required, and that we will endeavour to notify you of this move in advance. 

  40. Parents /guardians are reminded that they must not speak to the teachers while they are conducting lessons as this causes distractions and is a safety issue for the class in the water. 

  41. We would ask that no cameras/ camcorders or filming devices are used on the poolside, please. This includes the use of mobile phones, tablets /iPad, under the Child Protection Act these cannot be used. This is in the interest of the safety of your child/children. 

  42. Please ensure that your child does not eat or drink anything for at least 30 minutes before their lesson. If vomit or faecal contamination occurs in the pool, and we are fined for this by the pool operators then we may have no alternative but to pass on 50% of any costs incurred by the school. If you are in any doubt that your child is unwell, please do not bring them swimming we will always offer you another lesson for the one missed due to illness. 

  43. Changing rooms are not the immediate responsibility of reception staff teachers or coaches, anyone under the age of 8 years must be supervised by their parents or guardian. 

  44. If your child misses a lesson for a valid medical reason including illness, injury or family bereavement and you give us ideally 24 HOURS NOTICE, we will endeavour to offer you an additional lesson (a maximum of two per term). This can be done either by speaking to the office during office hours Monday to Thursday 9.30 am to 5 pm or out of office hours please either email or leave a message on the answerphone. Failure to do so may result in an additional lesson being refused. Any further absences and you will not be offered an additional lesson. In the event of serious illness, hospitalisation, broken limbs, please notify the office to come to some arrangement. We reserve the right to request a doctor’s note as proof of “medical reasons” or letter for clarification, especially with ongoing health issues. 

  45. Additional Make -up lessons cannot be attended during badge weeks to enable teachers to focus on their regular pupils, to give them a fair and best chance to be formally assessed. 

  46. For clients booking a 1- to- 1 lesson, if you are absent for a lesson, you will not be given a refund. We can offer you a makeup lesson in a group class. We only permit 2 per term. This is only offered if the absence is for a valid medical reason that you have given us prior notice of, ideally 24 hours’ notice is requested. This includes illness, injury, or a family bereavement. If we cancel your lesson, we will offer a refund. 

  47. Please be advised at certain times in the year swim meets and other competitive events will take place across all the venues, and your child's class will be possibly moved to a different location in the pool. Space in the spectator gallery may also be limited as these events are popular and attract an increase in spectators and swimmers from other venues. They are an important part of the training programme for the more advanced swimmers. 

  48. We comply with the Data Protection Act 2018 with retained GDPR Provisions. Personal data is held to contact parents or guardians in the event of emergencies during training sessions and to internally market our club events. Data is also used for administration and accounting purposes and staff management. You may request access to any data we hold on to you, please contact the office for further information on access requests. 

  49. It is a condition of enrolling with Evans swim school that the terms and conditions are read and understood by all clients. 

  50. When you are enrolled with Evans swim school, you are accepting the terms and conditions as laid out above. 


Should you decide to enrol with Evans Swim School, you are agreeing to the above stated terms and conditions. 

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