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Race The Tide

My blog this month is a congratulations to Lt.Col David Baxter for his epic swim around the Isle of Wight. Along with his relay partner Major Jessica French, they completed the gruelling 96 Km swim.

David started training with me in January of this year when he told me of his intention to completely swim nearly 60 miles around the Isle of Wight. I felt a lot of responsibility as his swim coach and as a result I developed with David the Tideskater freestyle technique, and now due to his dedication to the training plan I developed for him, he is one of a handful of swimmers who have achieved this challenge. Well done David, for what was an awesome effort.

They have raised over £20,000 for Spinal research

To donate please click the link below

And for Reorg – a charity that helps military and 999 veterans find Brazilian jujitsu as a way of therapy for mental and physical health.

They are still taking donations ,so please visit their just giving page and donate to 2 worthy causes. now...

If you feel inspired and want to learn how to become a better swimmer come and train with Evans Swim School, from beginners to advanced we have you covered!

Masters swimmer with a hunger to improve? triathlete or open water warrior? Come and learn the Tideskater stroke and other skills that I developed for David.

Hope to see you on poolside soon!

Don’t forget to be awesome.

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