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The awards outcomes listed are just a "snapshot" of what is required,  just to give you a taste of our leading - edge swim programme, there are additional competencies to achieve. Distance certificates are used and for all other awards we use our much sought after rainbow of ribbons

Please ask the receptionist if you need a comparison to the National plan stages and more detailed information on the swimming groups.



Splash skills 1

Submerging my face underwater and blowing bubbles from my mouth and nose

Star floats on my front 

Flutter kick on my back for 5m teacher can assist header if needed 

Travel 5m on my front with or without a buoyancy aid

Jumps in without assistance

Splash skills 2

Fully submerge 

Push and glide on my back

Jump in - Float on back - swim back to side 

Sit dive to a glide - front crawl with my face in 

Confidence jumping in 


Splash skills 3

Swim 10m

​Floating on my front and back without a buoyancy aid 

Kick on my front without a float for 5m

​Log roll


Swim skills 1

Push and glide, kick on my front for 10m

Push and glide, log roll from front to back

Kick on my  back for a minimum of 15m

Swim 15m of front-crawl with side breathing

Breaststroke kick for 5m

Head-first surface dive to retrieve an object 


Swim skills 2

Front-crawl to forward somersault 

Sitting dive, swim 25m of front crawl 

Push and glide swim on back 25m

Breaststroke for 10m 

Butterfly kick

​Tread water 

​Demonstrate a shout and signal for help

Swim skills 3

Sitting dive swim 50m front crawl, 

50m backstroke

Kneeling dive, 15m breaststroke 

Kneeling dive, 15m butterfly ​

Straddle jump off the edge and tread water for 45 seconds


Club Ready 1

Demonstrate correct technique for freestyle, backstroke and breastroke.

Understand lane discipline and basic pace clock work

Demonstrate a change of speed in a swim set

Club Ready 2

Can demonstrate diving ability.

Show 10m of basic butterfly swimming.

Demonstrate a change in freestyle speed during a set.

Show a 5m rope rescue to a conscious casualty.


Club Ready 3

Demonstrate correct flip turns for Freestyle and backstroke.

50m of legal breastroke with underwater transitions.

Safety and personal survival training.

Land fitness test

Swim Team 1

400 metres continuously, under 12 mins

Kick a 100m individual medley.

Backstroke turn

Breaststroke turn

Butterfly turn

Track or grab start 

Time speed  trial - 100m under 2 mins 45 sec

Perform a throwing rescue using a rope 


Swim Team 2

800 metres 

Backstroke start

Front crawl start

400 metres within 10 minutes

200m individual medley with turns and finishes

​Scull 15 metres headfirst

Tread water, using eggbeater leg action, for 90 seconds Wearing a long- sleeved jumper or sweatshirt and long trousers swim 25m

Swim Team 3

1600 metres set

Swim 2000 m

200m individual medley

Explain the HELP and HUDDLE position Perform a headfirst surface dive and swim 10 metres underwater in clothes

25m underwater dolphin kick towing a clipped rescue tube, pick up casualty and tow for 50m using FC



Swim 400 metres wearing a T-shirt, long sleeved jumper or sweatshirt, and long trousers or tracksuit bottoms, tread water for 3 minutes waving one arm to attract attention and 2 minutes normally. 

Perform a feet-first surface dive wearing clothes, swim 10 metres underwater

Swim 100 metres in 75 seconds

Swim 200 metres of individual medley at or faster than 3 minutes 20 seconds.

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