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Join us at Parent and Baby Swimming...

Updated: Mar 7

Getting your baby or toddler into swimming lessons early on is fantastic for their development of motor skills and getting them comfortable and safe around water. It’s one of the few sports your child can participate in before they can learn to walk. 


We frequently get asked a number of questions around this topic, so we thought some FAQs and answers would be beneficial.                                                                                                                          


What should my baby wear in the water?

We suggest a warm layer over a swim nappy. A warm layer could include a baby wetsuit, fleece lined or neoprene. Each baby is different when it comes to regulating their temperature in the water and it may be best to start with more layers in the water and remove them as they become more active swimmers.

In regard to swim nappies you can use disposable or a reusable nappy. We often suggest the double nappy system. This involves wearing a disposable swim nappy under a Happy Nappy. A Happy Nappy is worn with cuffs that fit snuggly to the body and legs to prevent any leaks into the pool and are very effective. The advantage of the double nappy system is that if you baby does have an accident in the pool everything is contained and can be disposed of more easily after the lesson. Swim nappies should be disposed of in the bins in bathrooms of our venues. 

We suggest looking at a company called Splash About for your baby’s swimming clothes and Happy Nappy. These items can also be bought quite easily second hand on Vinted and Facebook Marketplace

What temperature is the swimming pool?

What should I bring for after the lesson?

What should my baby wear after the lesson?

Will I need to bring a changing matt?

Can my baby swim with a cold?

How early can I bring my child swimming? 

When do I stop getting into the water with my baby?


Nippers 2 Flippers is part of Evans Swim School and specialises in providing our baby and early years swimming lessons.

Lesson times and venues

Monday 10am to 11:30am

Friday 4pm to 5pm

Sunday 8:30am -9am and 10am to 10:30am

To enquire about classes or to join our waiting list please email

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