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Happy New year everyone,

I hope you all hade a great break over the holiday period. Now is traditionally the time for all those fitness and self improvement goals. There is lots of new thinking on setting goals, how thinking of where you want to be at in 2024 and working in reverse to identify the processes you need to get there, or not what you should do, rather identify the things you shouldn’t do! (and avoid them). Lots of ideas about how setting goals is okay but setting your “intent” every day is more productive.

I feel all this can be a bit intimidating and daunting. Better to change just one small thing at a time in your daily /weekly routine. This is more manageable and you can be consistent with it. Whether it is to include one swim a week into your schedule ,or adding some resistance exercise into your fitness maintenance, or to take a 10 minute walk after your main meal of the day. There are lots of ideas out there, THE SECRET IS TO ACTUALLY DO IT -AND KEEP DOING IT!

Sign up for Evans Swim School swim lessons and let the experts guide you, make your 2023 your best version!

Don’t Forget to be Awesome.

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