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St John's 

Monday, Wenesday & Friday

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Tuesday & Friday


City of Freemens




Baby Swimming

Linden Bridge Worcester Park​


Evans Swim School

Our aim is to make kids into "champions in life" as life is one big pool!

We founded Evans Swim School with one goal in mind: to give our students the most inclusive, rewarding and, most of all, enjoyable Swimming Lessons. Evans Swim School is located in the Surrey area including Ashtead, Worcester Park, Epsom and Leatherhead. 


Our passionate and skilled team members are here to help students achieve their goals in a group or Private Swimming Lessons


Are you ready to reach your potential?

Join us today!

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Baby Lessons


Beginner to Intermediate Lessons

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Swim Team


Adult Course

Swim Shoots

Have your favourite poolside moments captured on camera!

Whether it's little one's first splashes, big sister pushing little brother into the pool or diving shots of your competitive swimmer, we're happy to offer a bespoke photography experience for you.

       * Parent(s) and baby         *Family         *Siblings         *Swimming lessons         *Competitive portraits

Costs: £50 for a 1-hour photoshoot (pool session included) tailored to your needs.

All photos (between 25-75 images) of the day provided in digital, high-resolution format for your distribution/printing.

Competitive portrait
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Swimming Lessons
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It was our first time with Evans Swim School and I think it is a fantastic facility that you have chosen. There was plenty of space for all the different classes, it was a large pool and gave my children confidence and room to enjoy the length of the pool and fun activities in the deep end. The changing facilities were very good and there was lots of space for parents to sit and watch. Thank you very much for offering such a great service!

Elly Shin

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