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Well, it is that time of year again, time certainly flies when you have fun and, we have had lots of fun this past year with the swim school and swim team training!

Just in time for your Santa wish list here are our recommended items of swim equipment for all pre-club and for Swim team members.

Please note, we do expect you to wear the team colours, which is a very easy to source plain black swim costume and our uniform swim caps. If you have any questions, please let us know our friendly receptionists can help you with ordering the approved equipment.


Swim team cap, centre mounted snorkel, standard hand paddles, short fins, water bottle, pullbouy (or can use a kick-pull), Finis brand alignment board (yellow triangle!) net bag to hold your kit and allow it to dry, yoga mat (optional), Finis brand freestyler hand paddles (optional)


Evans swim school cap, centre mounted snorkel, pullbouy or a kick-pull, short fins, water bottle, net bag to hold your kit and let it dry, Finis brand alignment board - the yellow triangle (optional).


required uniform for pre -club and swim team

Plain black jammers for boys and plain black one-piece costume for girls. (above knee tight fit trouser swim-suit versions for girls are also ok.)

For religious /cultural reasons close fitting burkini or leggings and rash tops can be worn as long as they are a simple black colour - please discuss if you have any concerns. Top it all off with our uniform swim caps: Evans Swim School cap for pre-club, which you can swop for a SWIM TEAM cap on graduating to the swim team.

Have a great Christmas break and New Year and we will see you on poolside looking sharp and ready to go for 2023. Lots more exciting events planned for you all.

Don’t forget to be awesome……

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