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7 Tips on How to Treat Depression with Meditation (& Swimming )

Depression combined with anxiety can make your everyday life intolerable. Although we go through trying moments of stress, grief, unhappiness and more, it’s not good to let them take the control of your life. Downheartedness can be a great form of imbalance and often needs proper treatment. The most regularly prescribed drugs for treating these conditions are the antidepressants. Antidepressants fight the symptoms of depressions but not the causes of depression, but fortunately there’s another solution. Research has shown that healthy lifestyle habits such as meditation and exercise can help treat symptoms of mental stress and depression. Below are the seven tips on how to treat depression with meditation.

Remember swimming is a moving meditation!

Focus on your breathing patterns and let your stress dissolve away into the cool water….

Tip#1: Calm your Chaos

Confusion is a major side effect of anxiety. It causes physical stress by demanding your attention and is very jealous of your peace. Through meditation, you can use the quietness of your mind to soothe your chaos. If you can let something go off, then do so and dive yourself in the world where there are answers. When meditating, try to breathe in to release strain. Regardless of the condition of your chaos, you can grant yourself the peace you need. Meditate and envision yourself detached from your inner conflict.

Tip#2: Let go of all the drama

Do you want to feel emotionally safe? If yes, then start by managing your drama. More often, we tend to gather up dramatic situations and feelings and then personalize them. Anxiety has no place in you and you should never hold on to any drama. First, ask yourself what’s the need of holding on to something for too long. Drama is a bad habit and it is great to break it. You’ll get the relief you need. Meditation can help you with breaking this habit.

Tip#3: Find your Path

Not all of us understand where they are going. Such feeling can quickly make you feel stressed and anxious. Meditation and quietness can be the remedy. Meditation lets you accept things instead of forcing them to come your way. Be flexible and allow your mind to follow the direction it needs naturally without any meddling. Although quietness can be hard to achieve, just practice meditation with time and you’ll be there. Let go of any thoughts that race through your mind as you continue contemplating.

Tip#4: Focus on the Present Moment

Sit in a quiet place and spend some time with your mind in meditation fixed on the present moment. While meditating be sure to sit in a good posture, conducive environment and let your mind wander around. Take some time before letting your thoughts come back to your surroundings slowly. Feel your breath and turn your thoughts to your breathing rhythm. Try to practice diaphragm breathing while sitting or lying down. You’ll slowly feel calm and your thoughts will come to present. Let all your contemplation flow freely through you and don’t examine or judge them.

Tip#5: Don’t force life to Happen the way you want

Whenever you push things to come your way, you increase your chances of getting stressed. In fact, the harder you force things, the more difficult they become. It is paramount to let things come naturally. Just focus on your goal and allow things to unfold the way they are. Just create a vision and know what you desire as you meditate. Imagine your goal, watch and then wait. Don’t ever stress yourself on how you’re going to achieve it. Problems and other feelings of anxiousness can quickly fade away while meditating.

Tip#6: Know the Underlying issue

Each person has unique needs. To properly treat your problem, understand why you’re depressed in the first place while meditating. You don’t have to battle with anxiety for the rest of your life. By understanding yourself, it becomes easy for you to change how you think. It is as simple as closing your eyes and counting or repeating a phrase for several times. This can help you distant those negative thoughts and prepare your brain for a different thinking path.

Tip#7: Seek Simplicity

When you have less in life, it means you don’t have much to worry about. Though it can be a big challenge to achieve simplicity in life, it is worth compared to the dangers of stress and anxiety. Visualize yourself having a life with no extras. If there is joy in limiting the possessions you have, then go for it. Meditate on the intangibles such as peace, love and harmony rather than giving more spiritual and mental vigour on your belongings. With time, your stress will be long gone.


keeping your mind locked in a seemingly infinite state of depression with no clear reason can fuel bad moods. It happens when you root your mind in fears of the future and regrets of the past. Meditate and focus on the present, get moving more, change your thinking, know your path, avoid drama, eat healthily, be simple, don’t force things and understand your stressors. These tips can help you battle depression.

Swimming is a moving meditation, focus on your breath, start your journey today…

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