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The 7 Best Swimming Goggles for 2019

Confused about what kind of swim goggles to get?

The swim goggle is one of the most critical pieces of swimming gear.

It allows you to properly see the walls, backstroke flags and other swimmers, and also keeps your eyes from getting red and irritated.

Based on years of experience in the pool, below are my best swimming goggles out there for competitive swimmers. They are separated into two categories, training and competition, but these are only suggestions based on price, as the competition goggles are quite pricey.

Let’s do this!

The Best Training Swim Goggles

There are hundreds of different types of goggles for swimming. They come in all shapes and sizes. Here are my top picks for best goggles for swimming laps and training.

1. Swedish goggles

Swedish goggles, or Swedes, are among the most popular swimming goggles for competitive swimmers, and for good reason.

The pro list for these goggles is long: They are highly customizable. They provide a terrific field of vision. They are among the cheapest goggles on the market. They are comfortable, once you get used to the plastic eye socket. And they make you look like a badass in the water.

2. Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Goggles

Speedo is one of the superpowers when it comes to equipment for swimmers. Over the years they have had countless Olympic and World champions in their roster, from Michael Phelps (his very first sponsorship), Nathan Adrian, Missy Franklin, Florent Manaudou, and many more.

The Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 is their most popular mid-range goggle, and the first time you put them on you understand why. The rubberized gasket ensure a very comfortable fit. The silicone straps are basically indestructible. And the adjustable nose bridge means you get a leak-proof fit.

Also they come ready to wear. Put them over your head, adjust the strap, and it’s go time.

3. TYR Socket Rocket Goggles

The TYR Socket Rocket goggles have earned a place in my rotation of goggles based on the fact that they’ve combined some of the best features of the Swedes and the Vanquisher.

They feature the sleek look that is reminiscent of the Swedes. There is an adjustable nose piece that you can use with the packaged string and silicone tube, or you can use the goggles “as is” with a piece of strap for the nose bridge.

4. The Speedo Speed Socket

There aren’t many truly hybrid goggles on this list, but the Speedo Speed Socket is one of them. It’s equally at home in training and competition.

The Speed Socket goggle has been well represented in international competition, with sprint phenom Caeleb Dressel wearing them, most notably during the FINA World Championships in Budapest in 2017 where he won 7 gold medals. This goggle was formerly worn by Michael Phelps in competition before he moved on to his own brand of goggles.

The Best Competition Swim Goggles

1. Speedo FastSkin3 Elite Goggles

One of the biggest fears competitive swimmers have is of their goggles springing a massive leak off the dive of an important race. It happened to Michael Phelps in the 200m butterfly at the Beijing Olympics, leaving the champion swimmer effectively blind for the final 150m of the race.

These goggles are also designed with a slim-profile, and designed to be a part of the FastSkin racing system, including the Speedo LZR Racer X Fastskin kneeskins and Speedo LZR Racer X jammers.

2. Arena Cobra Ultra Goggles

I love the look and comfort of these goggles. (See also: 5 Reasons I Love My Arena Cobra Ultra Goggles.)

They are mega low-profile to give you a hydrodynamic edge in the water. The lenses are made with a hard polycarbonate for durability, and they come with silicone straps, which means that they will last for a long time.

Adam Peaty, the man who has been completely rewriting the record books in the sprint breaststroke events, has long worn these goggles. They come in a variety of colors and tints.

3. MP Michael Phelps Xceed Goggles

Major features of the goggles: they have an awesome field of vision, which is handy during those really busy meet warm-ups, and for checking on the competition mid-race without turning your head. They are also available in a wide variety of colours and lenses.

Have fun trying out new goggles, it will take a while for you to settle on a pair that suit your own facial dimensions, but once comfortable with YOUR goggles (which will allow you to focus on your training) it is worth the time and research

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